With God As My Partner

With God As My Partner

Pastor Ron Palmer’s Autobiography

Book: With God as My Partner

In 1972, I felt impressed of the Lord to write a book about my life and ministry. He even gave me the title, With God As My Partner. I voiced my objection in prayer by “reminding” Him that I had only been preaching for three years and pastoring for one. I had no experience in writing, but all I heard in return was, “Not now.”

I went through life with many “experiences” (both good and bad) piling up through the years. About four years ago, my wife said, “Ron, why don’t you write a book about your life and ministry?” I didn’t have any good answer for her; and since she is my best friend, my closest confidant, and my dearest prayer partner, I gave it some serious thought. In the following year, I came in contact with three or four others who asked me the same thing. In view of this, I went to the Lord in sincere prayer, and He said, “Now is the time.”

The book is not really in any chronological order but goes back and forth at times as I remember things. Again, the only way I could remember times, people, and names is With God As My Partner. I was not striving to produce any item of “literary art,” but something that could be shared with others what God has shared with me through the years. It has been an interesting journey, and I look forward to continuing it.

When I gave the book its title, it was with a sense of humility, and not arrogance. I am well aware of the fact that the only way I (or anyone else) can “partner” with God is by His grace, realizing that it is all for His glory.

–Pastor Ronald A. Palmer