New Testament

New Testament

The Christian Walk, Part 1

Introduction: The Topic we are looking at is “The Christian Walk,” which is a rather detailed subject. We will be looking at it in six different messages. The first one introduces the topic to us, and the following five will elaborate and explain what God is saying about it. In this introduction we see four things. Definition In the Bible the word “walk” refers to lifestyle or way of living.(Ephesians 4:1) (Colossians 1:10) (In the Revised Standard Version of the…

Being In Christ
, Ephesians 1:3 – 7

Introduction: Christians are often somewhat familiar with doctrines, or Bible teachings, but have very little depth of understanding concerning them. It’s somewhat like swimming. Most people just want to know enough to “get by.” However, to be a good swimmer, one must get into deep water and learn. If a person will do that, they will be able to help themselves, and others also. So it is with the Bible. We want to look at the doctrine of Being In…

Ample Provision,
 Philippians 4:19

Ample Provision, Philippians 4:19 Introduction: Stress is one of the biggest negative factors in people’s lives today; including Christians. It is caused by doubt and fear and brings depression to one degree or another. It is the result of not knowing, and not embracing the promises of God. Before us today we see God’s promise of “Ample Provision” for everyone who will claim the promises, rather than cling to the stress. My God – Personal. It requires a personal confession.…